ATLANTA -- Falcons owner Arthur Blank and Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones did not meet or shake hands before their teams played at Mercedes-Benz Stadium on Sunday.

Both owners were on the field at the same time while the teams warmed up. However they stayed on their side of the field and never came close to meeting like owners typically do before a game.

Jones called-out Blank during the week regarding NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell's contract extension. Through a letter from Cowboys counsel, Jones said Blank, who is the head of the NFL's compensation committee, misled the league's 32 owners about the details of the contract and that the owners are not unanimous on Goodell's extension, according to an ESPN report.

All 32 owners voted in May to extend Goodell's contract and authorized the compensation committee to work out the details. The league and Goodell have been working on a five-year deal to kick in when his current deal expires in 2019.

In the letter sent to the compensation committee and NFL counsel, it stated Jones "has discovered a number of very concerning issues,” including a contention that Blank has “misled” the owners not serving on the committee and that “critical facts” have been misrepresented. It claims Blank told owners that the compensation committee would vote unanimously on Goodell's deal. But Jones claims the committee is not currently unanimous.

According to the ESPN report, Jones said that the league is in a state of "upheaval" under an "avalanche of issues that have beleaguered the NFL unlike any other time in recent memory. These changing conditions must be weighed relative to the timing of the Commissioner's contract extension."

Jones has retained legal counsel and Wednesday threatened to sue the league in an effort to block Goodell's extension.