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Atlanta Falcons should go all-in during offseason for a championship

Listen to the discussion on the Locked On Falcons podcast.

ATLANTA — The NFL season recently rapped up with Tampa Bay winning Super Bowl 55 at home, crushing the Kansas City Chiefs 31-to-9.

And even though the big game was just a few days ago, it's not too early for Atlanta Falcons fans to start thinking about next seasons.

The Falcons must decide if they want to go all in and try to win another championship while they still have quarterback Matt Ryan and wide receiver Julio Jones, or if they want to look to the future and do a rebuild.  

The window is closing as Ryan is 35 years old and Jones is 32.

This discussion came up on one the latest episodes on the Locked On Falcons podcast. On the Locked On Falcons podcast, Aaron Freeman was joined by Tori McElhaney of The Athletic to talk about the tough decisions that Atlanta has to make.

“I think that they have pieces in place to be good and maybe that is too optimistic of me to say that because of the way that things panned out over the last few years, but I do believe that” McElhaney said.

If the Falcons want to go all in, they need to sign more one-year deals so they can address holes in their roster instantly.

“I tend to lean more towards the idea of more of those one-year deals, just filling where they need to fill," McElhaney said. 

"I have said this before and I’ll say it again, but I don’t think that the Falcons are very far away from being a better team,” he added. “I have said so many times that the Falcons are the worst best team in the NFL. I think that is so true. I think they were competitive in almost every single game outside of a few here and there. They could have won more than they did.”

Listen to the Locked On Falcons podcast below. 

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