The Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots meet up for a rematch of Super Bowl LI on Sunday night at 8:30 p.m. on 11Alive.

Unfortunately, this means we all have to relive last February's game over and over on Sunday thanks to the fine folks at Sunday Night Football.

But you have to watch this game, right? It's the rematch!

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So to help you get through every reference of 28-3 and Tom Brady's "historic comeback," we put together a bingo card to help turn lemons into lemonade. It'll go well with whatever else is in your cup.

Download the card below, and every time somebody in the broadcast makes reference to anything on the card, mark the spot. There's a good chance you'll not only get Bingo, but a black-out (the entire board completed).

We helped you out, the free space is 28-3 (We figured we'd just go ahead and get that one out of the way. Go ahead and cross it off).

Follow @11AliveSports on Twitter as we play along live during the game. Have fun!

To download, hit the pop-out button in the top right and hit download.