Adrian Clayborn made a few bucks on Sunday.

Clayborn took advantage of injuries on the Dallas Cowboys' offensive line and got six sacks, helping the Falcons get a 27-7 win.

The Falcons defense had eight sacks in the game and held the Cowboys to 233 total yards, 107 running yards.

According to Field Yates of ESPN, Clayborn met an incentive from his contract that will pay out $750,000 as long as he finishes the season on the 53-man roster. By getting eight sacks this season, Clayborn earned the big bonus to come later.

It was a record performance from Clayborn, but he stayed true to his quiet nature after the game.

"I’m just happy for the win. It’s been a tough season for us. We got back on the right track," Clayborn said. "It’s a long time coming. It’s finally here."

Ricardo Allen was impressed with his teammate's performance. But the safety challenged Clayborn for more sacks after his fifth.

"I went up to him and said, 'Anyone can do it five times.' He was like, 'I'll get a sixth one,' " Allen said.

Sure enough, late in the fourth, Clayborn got his sixth. And it helped him get his bonus.

It was a spark for the Falcons defense, which had been consistent most of the season with the exception of penalties. Allen said they never lost faith.

"Everybody was asking us why is nobody being negative, why is no one being down. It’s because we knew that we could put together a game like this, and we could come out clicking," Allen said. "We can do anything, man. We still that same team from last year."