ATLANTA -- Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan had one touchdown pass on Sunday, and so did wide receiver Mohamed Sanu.

To be clear, Sanu threw a touchdown pass. He didn't catch one.

Sanu threw a 51-yard touchdown pass to Julio Jones during the Falcons' win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday at Mercedes-Benz Stadium. After jumping out to a 3-0 lead, Sanu's touchdown pass out of the wildcat was the team's first touchdown of the day. It was one of two touchdowns for Jones.

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Jones' other touchdown was from Ryan, 25 yards. Jones made a big cut after the catch, causing the defender to slip and fall, and Jones dove for the pylon.

So who threw a better ball, Julio?

"Both of them. Touchdowns are good, they feel good. Both throw great balls down field," he said after the game.

The team has never run that play at full speed before, according to several of the players. But the receivers are always throwing to each other. Sanu said he would have thrown it even if it was 11-on-1 coverage on Jones. Sanu bobbled the snap after running into Tevin Coleman, but he recovered and let it sail.

"We got something, I just saw him take off and let it go," Sanu said. "I had a little flashback."

Sanu's flashback was from high school in New Jersey when he was a triple-option quarterback before going to Rutgers University. It doesn't look like he's lost his touch.

"He's a great quarterback, he throws a great deep ball," Jones said.

Lucky for Ryan, the reigning NFL MVP had a great game, too. Ryan threw to Jones for 253 yards. He completed 26 of 35 passes for 317 yards. So we guess he can keep his starting job. But Sanu is 6-for-6 when he's under center. That percentage is pretty hard to beat.

"It was cool to see it come to fruition in live action," Ryan said. "It was a perfect pass. Mohamed's a stud."

It may be some time before we see that play again. The Falcons are waiting for just the perfect look before they call it. But head coach Dan Quinn is always creative when it comes to Sanu, so there may be more tricks in store.

"I have to tell you, I wasn't confident in it when he bobbled the snap, but I knew when he ripped it down the field that we'd have a chance at it," Quinn said. "He's a really good athlete. He can throw it, he can punt it, he can kick it. He can damn-sure catch it. "