Yikes, don't make Matt Ryan mad.

We all learned the Falcons quarterback has a bit of a potty mouth during the Falcons' 24-21 win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Monday Night Football.

While the Falcons were getting set, Ryan looked over to his receivers who were still figuring out where they were supposed to be.

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Suddenly, as if the microphones had been turned all the way up, audio of Ryan screaming at his receivers was broadcast over the airwaves nationwide.

"Get (expletive) set," Ryan yelled. The word started with F.

We've never heard Ryan say one mean thing, ever.

Sure, the occasional curse word gets picked up during NFL games. When you've got guys standing on the sidelines with microphones, it's going to happen. But it came as a shock to all with it coming from Ryan. The only time we've seem him say something similar was when the Falcons beat the Carolina Panthers in 2012. But we could only see it, not hear it.

It seemed to work. Just a couple of plays later, Devonta Freeman was able to score a 32-yard touchdown thanks to good blocking by his receivers. So hey, whatever works, Ryan.

Everyone forgave Takk. They'll probably forgive you, too.