New Jersey resident Sam Darrow is a huge Atlanta Falcons fan, and Falcons wide receiver Mohamed Sanu is one of his favorite players.

So when his girlfriend decided to ask Darrow to the prom, she asked Sanu to help her out.

Brianna Stoohs contacted Sanu on his official Facebook page, asking if he could help her out with her promposal. Sanu not only said yes, but he sent a video and an autographed football for Sam.

Brianna then arranged for her and Sam to go a local hamburger restaurant called Boomburger, and Sam even wore his Atlanta Falcons shirt without knowing what was going on.

That's when Sam got Sanu's piece of advice on a video board.

Sam was so shocked he even began to cry a little bit after the request.

Brianna, a senior, and Sam, a junior, both attend Mahwah High School in Mahwah, N.J.