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Ex-officer pleads not guilty to choking former NFL player

Earlier this year, Desmond Marrow said he suffers from harrowing after-effects of the incident.

HENRY COUNTY, Ga. — A former officer pleaded not guilty to choking former NFL player Desmond Marrow during a traffic stop in Henry County two years ago.

In June, a grand jury indicted former Henry County officer David Rose on charges of violating his oath, simple battery and making a false statement.

Marrow claims Rose and another officer tackled and choked him while he was handcuffed in December 2017. Rose was later fired. The department said it's because his report of what happened didn't match what they saw in the video.

Credit: Henry County Police Department

Earlier this year, Marrow said he suffers from harrowing after-effects of the incident.

“I don’t really think you would really understand how much it’s affecting me, but I’ll try to tell you,” Marrow, who starred at the University of Toledo and then spent time during the preseason with two different NFL teams, said. “As far as physically, I get just like excruciating headaches, migraines - a toothache and a headache at the same time is like a pain I wouldn’t wish on nobody. I gotta go through that.”

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He said he was too scared to drive and had flashback-like visions of the officer in his sleep.

“I see Officer Rose, he lay with me often at night, just, he’ll be in my room. I see him,” he said. “So, it’s like I’ve learned to forgive him, but he’s always there. The nightmares, the traumatic - the flashbacks.”


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