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ESPN: Saints locker room dance videos could bring NFL penalties, fines

ESPN: Saints locker room dance videos could bring NFL penalties, fines.

NEW ORLEANS — The Saints viral locker room victory celebrations could prove costly, according to a report on ESPN.com.

The Saints have recently revived their post-game ritual of dancing to hip hop and bounce music and the report on ESPN says the NFL has taken notice, especially of the lack of masks and social distancing.

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On the videos, which have been widely-viewed, several players, as well as head coach Sean Payton, are seen in close contact, yelling, singing and interacting without social distancing – all of which medical experts say are recipes for COVID spread.

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The ESPN report,  by noted insider Adam Schefter that cites league sources says that the Saints face a significant fine and the possible loss of a draft pick, especially because they would be multiple-time offenders, with the team being fined earlier this season when head coach Sean Payton was on the sidelines without a mask over his mouth and nose several times.

That offense ended with the Payton and the Saints being fined. Recently, the NFL fined the Raiders $500,000, head coach Jon Gruden $150,000 and took away a sixth-round draft pick.

The Saints can probably expect similar discipline, according to Schefter.

The latest celebration that went viral came after the team's huge 38-3 victory over Tampa Bay on Sunday night football, which has propelled the team into a favorite's role in the NFC, according to many experts.