ATLANTA — On Super Bowl Sunday, Atlanta Police said officers responded to the intersection of Pryor Street and Alabama Street, near Underground Atlanta, after two Dartmouth, Mass., men reported the snatch-and-grab theft of a pair of Super Bowl tickets worth $5,000.

The first victim, Jason Couto, told officers he was wearing a lanyard with the game ticket inside. What was described as a slim black male snatched the lanyard containing the ticket from around his neck.

Couto told the officer he chased the suspect down and began to fight with him.

During the struggle, he said, the ticket fell to the ground. He said his brother Derek Couto came to help.

At this point, Jason said, a second black male, wearing dark clothing, snatched Derek's ticket -- which was also in a lanyard worn around his neck -- after the suspect was able to retrieve the first ticket from the ground.

The two suspects ran off toward Central Avenue, the victims told officers.
Both Couto brothers refused medical assistance when offered by Atlanta Police.

The entire incident was captured on surveillance video.

Witnesses who spoke with officers said that the same two males had attempted to snatch tickets from others earlier in the same area.

Anyone with information about the snatch-and-grab incident is asked to contact Atlanta Police or Crime Stoppers Atlanta at 404-577-TIPS (8477). 


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