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Here is what happened during that scuffle on the Super Bowl sidelines

Super Bowl LVI grew hostile following a rough play early in the second half. Here are the details.

LOS ANGELES — Things got a little rough early on in the second half of Super Bowl LVI in Los Angeles on Sunday. Scrambling his way out of bounds and into a heated sidelines struggle, Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow quickly found himself in a precarious situation.

The Los Angeles Rams are facing off against the Cincinnati Bengals, and the Vince Lombardi Trophy is on the line. With the Rams leading by 13 at halftime, the LA team was looking to great a little distance on the scoreboard when they returned for the third quarter.

But, Burrow nailed Tee Higgins for a 75-yard touchdown just 12 seconds into the second half, putting the Bengals in the lead. Adding insult to injury, the Rams QB Matthew Stafford tilted, dumping an interception meant for Bennett Skowronek.

Rams' pass rushers responded with a play of their own, bullying Joe Burrow out of bounds in the following play. Burrow attempted to shake off the defense, but the players kept piling up. A shoving match ensued before being broken up shortly after.

With no flag on the field, it was fourth-and-one from the 22 for the Bengals offense. Cincinnati may be in the lead, but it's still anyone's game.

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