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Mercedes-Benz Stadium says they're ready for the Super Bowl

While some things are changing, many of the things fans seem to love will remain the same as Atlanta hosts its biggest game yet.

We are just weeks away from the kickoff of Super Bowl 53 in Atlanta and it will be a show unlike anything the city has seen before. Mercedes-Benz Stadium was built to host big events but none are bigger than the big game. So, last minute preparations are already underway.

"Everything keeps me up at night," AMB Group CEO Steve Cannon said. "This is the most complex event that we have ever hosted, obviously, at Mercedes-Benz Stadium."

But he said he feels really good about the fact that they've already had 4.6 million fans in the stadium.

Cannon is the right-hand man to Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank. Cannon left the stadium's namesake car company to oversee the upcoming Super Bowl.

"From an operational standpoint, we are absolutely ready with our team, with our 4,000 gameday associates - we are ready to host this event," he said.

From luxury suites to an incredible lighting display, this stadium was built for one purpose - to show off.

"From the ground up, we knew we wanted to be able to host events like the Super Bowl, like the College Football National Championship, like the Final Four," he said. "And, oh, by the way, we're the first city, Atlanta, to host all three consecutively - year-after-year."

Starting in early January, Cannon will hand over the keys to the NFL as they begin the last minute preparations for the big game. That includes the ever-popular halftime show.

When the stadium held one of its first big concerts - Garth Brooks - sound was a bit of an issue. But they've made some improvements since then.

"On our last couple of concerts, Beyonce and Taylor [Swift], our fan ratings on sound were 9 out of 10," Cannon said. "We are ready for the Super Bowl Halftime Show."

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Those cheap food and beverage prices fans have come to love will be the same. But the inside will look completely different with the lighting matching the two out-of-town teams that will be playing. As for whether the roof will be open, that's up to the NFL.

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"The NFL, we know, has stated they would love for it to be an open-air configuration," he said. "But that will be weather dependent."

"At night, this building looks spectacular, so we know that the production quality is going to do Mercedes-Benz proud," he added. "It's going to do Arthur Blank proud, it's going to do Atlanta proud."

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