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SkyView in Atlanta was the breakout star of the Super Bowl

It was in the backdrop of live shots from around the world.

ATLANTA -- Who in Atlanta got thousands of hours of TV time all over the world? Not Tom Brady and the Patriots.  It was the Ferris wheel slowly spinning in Downtown Atlanta and lighting up the night sky.   The back drop for countless live reports and shows.

Just how well did it do?

  • 1 Billion plus impressions around the world.
  • Riders from all 50 States
  • Riders from 57 different countries
  • Reporters from 23 different countries did 38 live broadcasts from SkyView gondolas.
  • 4,073 riders on Saturday, February 2nd alone.
  • 55,484 Complete rotations by riders.

SkyView said they were front and center on the world's stage during the week.

"We knew it would be popular and then when we partnered with the NFL to brand all the cars ...to be able to get those unique wraps around each of the cars, we knew that would be special.  But I think I was surprised at the impact it did have," COO Brett Daniels of the Super Bowl Host committee said.

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Because of the Super Bowl, Atlanta got something that's impossible to put a price tag on.  A look all our own, and now known all over the world.

"Everybody wants that unique look.  There are a lot of cities that you can't Identify just by looking at some tall buildings.  Atlanta has some great unique architecture and that Ferris wheel right there is really something special," Daniels said.

Great tourist cities always have that one thing in their core center.  Sydney's Opera House, London's Big Ben, The Eiffel Tour.  Atlanta Atlanta has a Ferris wheel imprinted like a coin into everyone's image of our city, and maybe they'll come take a spin.

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