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Super Bowl pricing for hot dogs, beer won't change on Super Sunday

At Mercedes-Benz Stadium, the Super Bowl concessions menu will include $2 hot dogs and some $5 beers, depending on your ale of choice.

ATLANTA — The upcoming Super Bowl features two high-octane offenses (Rams vs. Patriots), plenty of high-tech security and one world-class facility.

However, one component from yesteryear can still be felt come Super Sunday, namely the low, low pricing of hot dogs and beer at Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

How low is "low, low pricing"?

According to an ESPN.com report, the Falcons will stick with their regular season price points for some food and alcohol items, particularly $2 hot dogs and $5 beers (depending on your ale of choice).

Among the other reasonably priced staples: Refillable soft drinks will sell for $2, nachos with cheese at $3 and individual cheeseburgers at $5.

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For comparison sake, check out the concession prices from last year's Super Bowl in Minneapolis (below).

Falcons president and CEO Rich McKay said club officials didn't lend much credence into substantially boosting food and beer prices, even for the Super Bowl. 

In other words, the "Fan First Menu Pricing" policy has been a consistent hit with Mercedes-Benz Stadium attendees.

"We said this in our negotiations with the SEC, the college football championship, the Super Bowl, and the Final Four ... what we basically said is every customer that comes through that door is our customer," said McKay, according to ESPN. "So, we want to treat all those customers the same and give them the same experience in food and beverage."

McKay then added: "What was interesting with the SEC negotiations, (late) commissioner Michael Slive kept telling me, 'Hey, I want a provision in this contract that talks about the pricing and prohibits you from being able to raise the prices for our game.'"

"And I said, 'Commissioner, we want the same provision.' It was interesting that we had a common goal yet two different mindsets. So we put that in the bids for all the major events, including the World Cup.'"

Click here to view The Benz's expansive menu on gamedays.

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