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The Super Bowl 53 stadium food you wish you could try

Inside Mercedes-Benz Stadium during Super Bowl 53 they'll be serving up much more than just hot dogs and fries.

ATLANTA — As the days tick down to Super Bowl 53, chefs inside Mercedes-Benz Stadium are making sure they're ready to feed lots of hungry football fans. 

And stadium officials are making sure they won't run out of food by preparing double the amount they had on their highest-ever sales day. 

This week they unveiled their Super Bowl lineup featuring classic stadium food, along with themed snacks and drinks for Patriots and Rams fans. 

La Chicharron - $5

This Los Angeles Rams-themed hot dog is topped with pinto beans, peppers, cheese, and pork rinds. 

Credit: Andrew Weil/TEGNA
The L.A. Chicharron Dog will be on sale during Super Bowl 53 at Mercedes-Benz Stadium. The $5 hot dog features pinto beans, jalapenos, garlic, roasted poblano peppers, cotija cheesem chicharrones, and cilantro.

The NE Beantown Frank - $5

 This Patriots-themed hot dog comes with northern beans, maple syrup, bacon, and green onions. 

Credit: Andrew Weil/TEGNA
The Patriots-themed N.E. Beantown Frank will be available for $5 inside Mercedes-Benz Stadium during Super Bowl 53. It features northern beans, maple syrup, bacon and green onions.

Chicken & Waffles - $12 

The southern classic comes with hot sauce, sorghum butter, cole slaw, and sweet pickles. You'll need a fork and knife, and possibly a table, for this Super Bowl option. 

Credit: Andrew Weil/TEGNA
Mercedes-Benz Stadium will be serving up chicken & waffles during Super Bowl 53. The $12 entree features a belgian-style waffle, whole fried chicken wings, hot sauce and sorghum butter.

"Closed on Sunday" chicken sandwich - $14 

The "C.O.S." is a fried chicken sandwich topped with mayo, a spicy pickle, and served on a honey butter roll. Available at Gamechangers inside Mercedes-Benz Stadium. 

Credit: Andrew Weil/TEGNA
The 'Closed on Sunday' chicken sandwich is available at Kevin Gillespie’s Gamechanger concession stand inside Mercedes-Benz stadium.

Neighborhood Punch - $12 

Cinnamon Whiskey, watermelon puree, and mai tai combine in this Super Bowl cocktail. 

Credit: Andrew Weil/TEGNA
The Neighborhood Punch is one of several cocktails that'll be on sale for fans inside Mercedes-Benz Stadium during Super Bowl 53.

Stadium Margarita - $12 

A classic frozen take on the margarita, featuring tequila, triple sec, and margarita mix.  

Credit: Andrew Weil/TEGNA
The Stadium Margarita is the classic cocktail offering for fans at Super Bowl 53. It costs $12.

The Atlanta Twist - $12

A mix of the Neighborhood Punch and the Stadium Margarita topped with a sangria floater. 

Credit: Andrew Weil/TEGNA
The Atlanta Twist is one of several cocktails that'll be on sale inside Mercedes-Benz Stadium during Super Bowl 53.

The PaLomA - $12

In a nod to the Los Angeles Rams, Mercedes-Benz Stadium will be offering this tequila drink with grapefruit, club soda and a blood orange wedge. 

Credit: Andrew Weil/TEGNA
The PaLomA cocktail is the Los Angeles Rams themed drink that'll be on sale inside Mercedes-Benz Stadium during Super Bowl 53.

The New Englander - $12 

This Patriots-themed cocktail features vodka with cranberry, club soda, and lime. 

Credit: Andrew Weil/TEGNA
The New Englander cocktail is one of several cocktails that'll be on sale for fans inside Mercedes-Benz Stadium during Super Bowl 53.

Classic Stadium Favorites

When Mercedes-Benz Stadium first opened it made headlines with their affordable prices for classic stadium treats. Those prices are remaining the same, even for the Super Bowl. The deals include $5 Classic Cheeseburger, $6 crispy chicken & fries, $3 french fries, $2 hot dogs.

Credit: Andrew Weil/TEGNA
Even though Mercedes-Benz Stadium is hosting the Super Bowl, the affordable prices for chicken fingers, hamburgers, and hot dogs remain unchanged.