MINNEAPOLIS -- It took five years after Dannell Ellerbe's first Super Bowl to win another ring.

It was worth the wait.

"A lot of people don’t get it the first time, but getting two, that’s great," Ellerbe said on the field moments after the Philadelphia Eagles defeated the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LII 41-33 on Sunday.

He was inactive for the NFC Championship while nursing a hamstring injury. But he returned and was able to play in his second Super Bowl.

The University of Georgia alum spoke earlier in the week about how he turned his life around since making mistakes at Georgia. Those mistakes caused him to go undrafted in 2009. But the Baltimore Ravens gave him a chance. He won a Super Bowl with that team.

Another team gave him a chance in November. It was the Eagles, signing him during the season. They believed he could help the team win their first Lombardi Trophy. He did.

"I was brought here to help win the Super Bowl. That’s what they told me," he said. "They wanted me here to help win the Super Bowl and be a leader and come make some plays, and I was just happy to be a part of it. I don’t feel like I let them down."

The road was tough, but Ellerbe's wife, Shervlla, knew his journey through the various NFL teams was leading him to a moment like that on Sunday night.

"I knew God had a play for Dannell because, four months ago, he was unemployed. God doesn’t shut one door not to open another, so I knew this had to be a grand moment," she said.

Ellerbe was one of only seven players with Super Bowl experience on the team's roster going into the game. He became a leader for the others, like Derick Barnett. The rookie recovered a fumble after Brandon Graham's strip sack on Patriots quarterback Tom Brady late in the game. It helped set up a field goal and put away the victory.

"It was an awesome play. A big time play. You know they say big time players make big time plays, and that definitely was a big time play," Ellerbe said.

Ellerbe said he still has more left in the tank after nine seasons. His exact words were, "Hell yeah! Hell yeah!" when asked if he's going to win another title before retiring.

"This feeling right here, you chase this feeling forever. And the last time I was in the playoffs I won the Super Bowl was five years ago. So I’m looking forward to being here. I hope it’s not another five years before I get back here."