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They're arguably the second most important part of Super Bowl Sunday (other than the big game itself): The Super Bowl ads.

There were dozens of good contenders, but here are three spots that definitely got people talking online. Here they are below:

1. Doritos/Mountain Dew

A friendly competition between fire and ice?

That's what Super Bowl watchers got from the Doritos and Mountain Dew commercial, starring "Game of Throne's" Peter Dinklage and God Hollywood Icon Morgan Freeman.

2. Tide ads

Tide certainly had a strong showing during Super Bowl night with their "It's a Tide Ad" campaign, starring "Stranger Things" star David Harbour. Is that a car commercial? No, it's a Tide Ad. Was that a commercial for Old Spice? Nah, another Tide Ad.

Overall, the Internet approved (while still taking jabs at them for the awful Tide PODS challenge).

3. Dead Air


A "brief equipment failure" during the second-half game had millions of viewers seeing black for at several seconds. A VERY big deal, as 30-second commercial slots are going for more than $5 million.

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Shortly after it happened, folks tweeted it was a contender for the best ad of the night:

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