NFL announcer Tony Romo doesn't possess ESP powers, in terms of seeing each snap 5-7 seconds before the play actually occurs.

It only seems like it.

For Sunday's AFC title game, the play-by-play analyst was on fire with his pre-snap observations, passionately educating the public in a way that drew consistent raves on social media.

Here are a few samples of Romo's work, projecting incredible foresight into the Patriots' high-stakes overtime victory over the Chiefs

(On Sunday, New England became the third team in NFL history to reach three consecutive Super Bowls.)

Could Romo's extra-sensory acumen possibly carry over to other sports, such as golf or baseball?

At least one ML B mega free-agent believes that to be the case. 

Check out this hilarious Tweet from Bryce Harper:

Romo and partner Jim Nantz will broadcast Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta (Feb. 3 at Mercedes-Benz Stadium). 

As such, given the overwhelming success of Sunday, the affable Romo could be the biggest media marvel for Super Bowl Week, especially once the players adopt a bunker mentality after Opening Night (Monday).

Here are a few examples of Romo's brilliance being lauded on Twitter: