We're next. With Super Bowl LII in the books, Atlanta is officially on the clock.

Super Bowl LIII will be held at Mercedes-Benz Stadium on Feb. 3, 2019. What will the weather hold for us?

Well, let's hope it's not anything like Sunday. It was cold, wet and there was even some ice in sort parts north of Atlanta.

But what does history tell us about February 3? Basically anything goes.

Here's the last five years:

But it can get extreme:

It can rain quite a bit, as it in 1920, or we could even see some snow, like in 1996. But luckily, we've never had any tornadoes on Feb. 3.

So what will be like on February 3, 2019? We're not sure yet. But we'll keep you informed.

(We won't even talk about what happened the last time Atlanta hosted a Super Bowl)