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5 things you missed from PyeongChang & our favorite 5 things from the Olympics

Ivanka Trump received an Olympic medal, and Russia finally gets a chance to sing its own anthem.

This is it.

The final things you've missed from the Olympics while you were sleeping.

It's been a great two weeks from PyeongChang. It started with a bang thanks to Shaun White and Chloe Kim, and finished with euphoria for Team USA thanks to the women's hockey team and men's curling team winning gold in stunning fashion.

To mark the end of the Olympics, I'm also going to include my personal 5 favorite things from PyeongChang. That's all the way at the bottom.

But first, here's what you missed while you were snoozing last night:

1) OAR wins in OT

The Olympic Athletes from Russia defeated Russia in overtime to win the gold medal in men's hockey early on Sunday.

It's the first time athletes from Russia have won the gold medal in the event since 1992.

It was a close game with goals getting scored seconds within each other. Literally. Germany scored at one point 10 seconds after OAR. But this was the goal that clinched the gold.

2) It's our anthem, we can sing if we want

Because Russia is technically banned from the Olympics because of their state-sponsored doping program, the Olympic Athletes from Russia are competing under the Olympic flag. That meant they had to hear the Olympic anthem instead of their own.

The fans weren't having any of that.

They belted the Russian anthem during the gold medal ceremony, and the players joined in. Take a listen:

3) IOC gets the last laugh

Russian athletes may have sang over the Olympic anthem, but they still will have to march under the Olympic flag during the closing ceremony on Sunday.

The IOC decided not to reinstate Russia before the closing ceremony. In large part, it had to do with two of the four Olympians who have been accused of doping being from Russia.

But they did say they plan to reinstate the eastern Europe nation soon.

4) Tiger on ice

Alina Zagitova's costume for the figure skating gala was...interesting.

The 15-year-old Olympic Athlete from Russia and gold medal winner from the ladies' competition performed in the exhibition gala on Saturday. While she was fantastic, her costume left many speechless.

Some thought it was fine since it matched the program. But she's 15, and some thought it was a bit too much. Take a look at the costume and what people had to say.

5) Ivanka Trump gets a medal

She didn't get to keep it, though.

Lauren Gibbs, bobsledder Elana Meyers Taylor's teammate, met Ivanka Trump and let her try on her medal.

She also posted a selfie with the President's daughter with a great message. See that here.


Finally, here are my favorite 5 things from the Olympics. They are all previous "things" from these 5 things recaps. I hope you enjoyed them because they're going to be back for the next two Olympics that are in Tokyo and Beijing. Same time difference, same overnight recaps necessary.

Anyways, my favorite five:

1) Women's hockey wins gold

I had goosebumps sitting alone at 4 a.m. watching the women's hockey team win gold in PyeongChang.

There are few teams I cheer for. I hardly cheer for the teams I do like. But when Maddie Rooney made the game-winning save to clinch the gold and beat Canada 3-2, my arms inadvertently shot in the air and I exclaimed, "Gold medal!"

2) Everything having to do with Chloe Kim

Between her Tweeting about food during runs, her dad's homemade sign and their text message exchange before her gold medal run, Chloe Kim will inevitably be one of the biggest stars to come out of PyeongChang and my favorite Olympian from the Games.

She was one of Team USA's athletes who actually lived up to the hype.

3) Shaun White's raw reaction to winning gold

Sometimes we think athletes like Shaun White take their success for granted. But after making a long comeback, Shaun White was in tears after winning his third gold medal.

He fell into his parents' arms sobbing.

There are few things in life that I believe give someone pure jubilation. White had just that.

4) Nathan Chen redeems himself with 6 quads

We put a lot of pressure on these Olympians, especially the new ones.

Chen was advertised as a prodigy who was going to be the best thing ever seen in figure skating. But he couldn't land anything early in the Games.

Finally, he was able to bounce back with the pressure off and land six quads during his free skate. No one had ever done five at the Olympics, let alone six.

I'm all about redemption. Even though he didn't medal, he's young and now has some valuable experience.

5) The shot

I'm actually a big curling fan. But I didn't get to watch a lot of it this Olympics.

I was up at 2 a.m. on Saturday and watched "The shot."

I don't think people will actually remember it by that. They'll probably just call it the "double knockout" or the time the U.S. won gold in curling. But it should go down in history like other "The shots" in sports.

John Shuster had a double-knockout in the 8th end that gave the U.S. a 10-5 lead and eventually its first gold medal in curling history.

Thing to leave you with

While the Olympic flame may be extinguished, keep the spirit of the games burning on.