Curling captivates us every four years at the Winter Olympics.

It could keep our attention the other three years if the Olympic announcers didn't leave out a key piece of information regarding the game.

Yes, the announcers do a good job explaining the rules. There's 10 stones, 10 ends, thinking time, try and get it in the button, etc. But there is still one important guideline of the game they fail to mention.

It's called broomstacking.

Let me back up.

Curling is an extremely polite game. Think golf. It's competitive, but you don't win at the expense of your opponent. There's no cheering for misses, or trying to distract your opponent. The sport is self-regulated between the two teams.

It's so polite that the opponents are expected to get together after the match and share an adult beverage together. So regardless if you whip your opponent or you lose by a slim margin, you get together and bond over a cold brew. Like, every time.

It's all about being sociable. And it happens at all levels.

Even the Olympic athletes are doing.

I know its the Olympics... but at the end of the day its still curling. #lockerroombrews #Olympics @mattjamilton #canadianeh #wethenorthamerica

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Don't keep this a secret. It's an important part of the sport. And it would get a lot more popular in the U.S. if they set up curling rinks like they did bowling alleys.

Beijing needs to step up and attach a pub to the venue like the curling clubs do. It'd be great for the athletes, and suddenly you couldn't get people to stop watching curling.