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Elana Meyers Taylor marches in isolation room wearing same uniform as flag bearer

She was selected to be Team USA's flag bearer, but she's in COVID isolation at a hotel.

BEIJING, China — Georgia's star Winter Olympian is also a star on Team USA. 

Elana Meyers Taylor is from Douglasville, Georgia. The American team chose her to be their flag bearer, but she's in isolation after testing positive for COVID.

However, Taylor said she's still celebrating and feeling the Olympic spirit.

"I'll be marching around my room. I've got a little flag here and I have my flag bearer outfit. I'll get the same outfit, which is a pretty nice perk. So, I'll be marching around the room here as Team USA marches in the stadium," she said.

Taylor is holding her own personal Parade of Nations.

"There's always reason to celebrate, and it is the opening Olympics. Even though I'm not going to be there in person, it is still a huge accomplishment for all of us who've made it this far," she said.

Taylor has been active on social media since she delivered her COVID status, posting about her experience at an isolation hotel in China.

"I'm doing alright," she told 11Alive's Cheryl Prehiem. "I'm currently in isolation still, but I'm asymptomatic, my family's asymptomatic, so we're doing well."

Taylor's training and chance at competing in this year's Olympic Games all depends on whether or not she receives two negative PCR COVID tests while isolating. She's got positive news on Thursday.

"I got one negative test yesterday," Taylor said.

She added that she took another test Thursday and has yet to acquire the results.

"Even tough I had a negative test yesterday, it's still not for certain, because we've seen people have a negative test and then have a positive test and back-and-fourth," Taylor continued. "But it does mean the levels of the virus are lower in my body, so we're getting closer."

NBC Opening Ceremony coverage began at 6:30 a.m. The ceremony started at 7 a.m. EST.

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