Matt Kuchar is headed to the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, but he admitted Wednesday he has no clue what he will be doing there.

During a press conference at the Travelers Championship, Kuchar said he did not know the format for the Olympic golf event he is participating in next week.

He thought the tournament would be a team format like some of golf's events such as the Ryder Cup or World Cup of Golf. The format is, in fact, an individual format like most golf tournaments.

"Now, I may be miss-informed or just don't know. You may have to help me. Is there no team format at all? When they first talked about it, if there were four Americans it was the two highest ranked and they were going to combine the scores for a team event."

This just shows how bad the implementation of golf into the Olympics has been. Kuchar went to Georgia Tech, so he is no dummy. He is actually really smart. So there probably has been some serious lack of communication to the golfers.

Golf is in the Olympics for the first time in this summer's games. But it has not been without controversy.

The world's top golfers, including Jordan Spieth, Rory McIllroy, Jason Day and others, are staying away from the Olympics for various reasons including the Zika virus and wanting focus on other prominent competitions.

If Kuchar does not even know about the tournament's format, wait until he sees the course. It was built in the middle of a nature reserve. So, there are going to be some creatures hiding amongst the nature.

There are Corujas or owls, Capivaras or large rodents (which are about the size of a small donkey or pig), small alligators and micos or small monkeys, according to Golf Channel. They all live right there in the golf course.

Kuchar is in for a real treat.

Golf begins for the men Aug. 11 and the women Aug. 17 on Golf Channel.

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