Seth Weil is a first-time Olympian and will travel to Rio de Janeiro this summer.

Weil started rowing as a freshman at the University of California-Davis. He didn't earn a scholarship to start out. He was a walk-on.

He continued to get better, and over the past three years, he has been training for the U.S. rowing team.

However, his emerging fame has come as a result of something other than his rowing skills.

His beard.

It's really a polarizing thing. You either love it, or you hate it," Weil said.

Weil does not like to shave his beard, but he had to recently while taking a test that would measure his effort and breathing while being active.

"I did the test, and the mask leaked because of the beard," he said. "I not only had to shave the beard, but I had to come back and re-do the test."

The beard is already back in full force along with Weil's signature flip-flops that he wears no matter how cold it gets.

Look for the beard when the Olympics begin on Aug. 5 on 11Alive.

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