There were some scary crashes at the Olympics on Monday.

Most of them were during the alpine skiing events, but there was a crash during the women's luge that had spectators holding their breath.

Fortunately, it appears everyone walked away from all of these without any major injures.

Pavel Trikhichev lost control during the men's combined. The course was shortened due to the winds that continue to affect the snow events.

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He went in to close to the gate and hit it, causing him to lose control. He crashed into the netting that is around the course. It caused a major delay. The competition had to stop for 17 minutes.

On the next run, American Ryan Cochran-Siegle also crashed. Watch that crash here.

There were more crashes during the men's slalom. Matthias Mayer from Austria hit the gate and went flying. He went straight into the camera man and took out one of the crew members off to the side. Everyone appeared to be okay.

Finally, one of the scariest moments was during women's luge. Austria' Birgit Platzer went airborne after hitting the wall. She continued to slide with the sled, but it could have been a lot worse. She said she okay, or "better than the sled" after the collision.

These crashes are a reminder of just how dangerous the winter sports can be. Athletes put their life on the line, especially in a sport like luge where speeds can reach between 70 and 90 miles per hour.