Shaun White is looking for redemption.

You've probably heard the story already. White famously missed the podium at the Sochi Games in 2014 after a poor performance in his final run. It snapped his streak of consecutive gold medals in the men's halfpipe.

After an incredible qualifying run where he did not hold back in PyeongChang, White is in position to win his third Olympic gold medal and get his so-called redemption.

But the last four years have been much more than just a journey back to the Olympics for White.

White isn't coming back from just missing the podium. He's also coming back from several injuries, including a recent injury that caused him to get 60 stitches in his face and spend several days in ICU.

White crashed on a jump and hit his head against the lip of the halfpipe. This graphic video shows the crash. Viewer discretion is advised.

The U.S. Olympic star is also moving on from a sexual assault lawsuit, which is being brought up again with the worldwide spotlight back on him.

Lena Zawaideh was a former drummer in White's rock band. She accused him in 2016 for a breach of contract and then later filed an amended complaint alleging sexual harassment against the snowboarder.

The details of the case were disturbing. The lawsuit claimed that White made vulgar sexual remarks and made her watch sexual videos, including videos sexualizing human fecal matter. Read more about the lawsuit from 11Alive news partner USA Today Sports.

White contested the lawsuit, but he admitted to sending some of the explicit texts, according to TMZ Sports. He claimed the two were friends at the time, and he wanted her to undergo a mental examination after she claimed emotional distress from the messages.

He later took back his request, and the two sides eventually settled. White escaped the ridicule and consequences of such a lawsuit, which today would be part of the #MeToo movement.

The case was settled in May of 2017, and White continued to compete. He's had recent success, winning the U.S. Open and beating his Australian rival Scotty Jenkins. Jenkins is in second place going into Tuesday's gold medal round.

But while White's battling egos with Jenkins on the halfpipe, he may have new concerns that could affect the trajectory of his career.

White's spotlight has brought many new eyes to the lawsuit, and it may force him to answer some new questions about how he treated the only female member of his band.

It could mar the redemption from Sochi he's so desperately sought.