The PyeongChang Olympic Torch traveled around South Korea in a journey that led to the host city, and it was used to light the Olympic Calderon on Friday night to signify the opening of the XXIII Winter Games.

While it may look like a typical torch, it has several hidden symbols that project the game's message of peace and harmony.

Here are a few hidden symbols on the torch:

  • The torch is 700 millimeters tall. The height represents the 'Happy 700,' a concept in PyeongChang that says the most comfortable environment for humans to live in is 700 meters above sea level. That happens to be the elevation of PyeongChang, the host city.
  • The five pillars at the top of the torch and the pentagon shapes at the top and bottom symbolize the five continents of the world (combining Europe and Asia and ignoring Antarctica). When the flame is lit, it connects the five pillars.
  • The star sign on the torch is the first consonant of the second syllable of the Korean character for PyeongChang. It symbolizes the game's vision for opening new horizons. It also looks like people holding hands, and that is done intentionally to continue the theme of unity.

South Korea figure skater and gold medalist Yuna Kim lit the Olympic Cauldron using the torch. The cauldron has a similar structure to the torch with the flame connecting the five pillars.

Get a closer look at the torch: Click here.

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