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Why is softball not included in Paris 2024 Olympics?

The sport has had an on-again-off-again history throughout the modern Olympics.

TOKYO, Japan — Softball's Olympic future remains shaky. 

There is no single reason why softball and baseball were dropped from the 2024 Olympics roster, but the sport has had an on-again-off-again history throughout the modern Olympics

Love-Hate Relationship 

Baseball became an official Olympic sport in 1992 and was a part of the full Olympic program through 2008 but was then dropped along with softball for the London and Rio Games.

According to the International Olympic Committee, baseball and softball didn’t feature enough global participation, and the best players weren’t participating.

The Olympics added softball in 1996, with the U.S. winning that year, in 2000 in Sydney, and 2004 in Athens.

Thanks to Japan’s love for baseball and softball, some would say the sport made a comeback in the 2020 Toyko games after a 13-year absence.

How the Olympics Decide What Sports to Include 

According to the International Olympic Committee’s website, the IOC oversees all aspects of the Olympic Games and decides which sports will or won’t be included.

The IOC’s Executive Board proposes which sports will be included, and the rest of the IOC then votes.

Although the International Olympic Committee decided that the 2024 Paris Olympics will not include softball and baseball, fans are hopeful it’ll be back in 2028 when Los Angeles hosts the Olympics.

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