NEW YORK — The U.S. Women's National Soccer Team runs the world.

Today, it ran New York City in a ticker tape parade that dominated the sports world on an otherwise uneventful day in sports.

When you win the World Cup in back-to-back attempts, this is the welcome home party you deserve.

The champagne flowed for each and every player (and it probably still is).

Even while the group is fighting for equal pay as the men's national team, they found their own day to celebrate as the soccer queens of the entire planet.

One Nation. One Team. One entire day to loop "All I Do is Win."

When she finished showing off her dance moves, Golden Boot winner Megan Rapinoe planted a flag for women, and shared a message against hatred.

The parade lasts a day, but this team has captured America's attention, if not its hearts, for the foreseeable future.

They have four entire years to celebrate their title as defending World Cup champions - a title which they hold dating back to 2015.

That's a pretty incredible wave to ride - even through a champagne headache that might last in to next week.

At this rate, the party might last even longer.

What's yet to be seen, is the lasting impact of women's soccer in the states nationally and locally. Will the success translate into equality with their lesser-accomplishing men's peers? There's really no way to know at the moment.

For now, celebrate America. Celebrate world dominance. And point the cork away from your friends if you choose to pop a bottle with them.


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