THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. -- Todd Gurley's chasing his own title.

The Los Angeles Rams running back has had the best season in his three-year professional career since graduating from Georgia. He is one of the candidates for the NFL MVP. He's also led the Rams to a NFC West title and made them a Super Bowl contender.

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Yet, with his alma mater in town for the Rose Bowl on New Year's Day, he's excited to see the Bulldogs take on the Oklahoma Sooners.

Gurley thinks the west coast has no clue what's about to hit it.

"Power house offense. Three, four of the greatest running backs in college football. You know, one of the best linebackers going up against the Heisman Trophy winner. It's going to be exciting," Gurley said on Thursday.

He hasn't been a stranger to his old team while they've been in town, either. Gurley said he stopped by the team's hotel in downtown Los Angeles on Wednesday evening. Georgia running back Nick Chubb said he and Gurley spent some time together, just hanging out. They didn't talk football, according to Chubb.

"It was cool. Good seeing some of those guys I was back in school with. It felt good," Gurley said.

Gurley was a junior in 2014 and left for the NFL following that season. It was the only year he and Chubb, a freshman at the time, were on the roster together.

Gurley moved up the rankings and took the record for most average yards per rush. But Chubb has also risen through the ranks, passing most of Gurley's accomplishments and is second on Georgia's all-time leading rusher list only behind Herchel Walker.

"Those guys, they know what to do. They worked hard their whole life," Gurley said. "They got to college on their own. They didn't need me. They've been great long before they even knew me. Just keep doing what they're doing, man."

As for who will win on New Year's Day:

"Of course we're going to get the win here in the Rose Bowl."

That sounds like a vote for the red and black.