ATLANTA -- Watching Michael Vick and Roddy White’s retirement ceremony on Monday may have made former Atlanta Falcons defensive tackle Jonathan Babineaux realize a few things about his own career.

Vick and White were honored by team owner Arthur Blank in a retirement ceremony where the former quarterback and receiver got to leave the NFL on their own terms and with the team where they both made names for themselves.

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Many former and current players were in attendance, including Babineaux who was with the Falcons for 11 seasons, including last season’s NFC Championship team. Babineaux became a free agent after the Falcons' Super Bowl loss. But after Monday’s ceremony, he could be headed towards retirement.

“It’s been a realization for myself, as well. I’m right in that shoes, not too far behind, myself,” Babineaux said to 11Alive. “It’s just a slow process. I didn’t want to rush it. I think like most guys take their time and decide over a period of time and make their mind up because it is a big decision, and you never can’t go back to where you were before you made that decision. So I’m taking my time, enjoying family time right now, and staying busy being dad.”

Babineaux, 35, had 22 combined tackles last season. He had a career high six sacks in 2009, which was the most amongst all NFL defensive tackles. After getting drafted No. 59 overall in the 2005 NFL Draft, he played 11 seasons with the Falcons.

During his speech, White gave a shout-out to Babineaux.

“Babs, that’s my running mate. Me and him came in together,” White said. “We’re the ‘05 club. We lasted a pretty long time, man. You know, we did our thing.”

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