March may be the month for "Madness" in college basketball circles.

However, this beautiful game, on its own merit, also has a way of evoking the sweetest of emotions.

Take the Martin boys' basketball team in Parkersburg, West Virginia and say hello to 9-year-old Austin Weaver. He's a member of the team who has cerebral palsy.

For the season's final game over the weekend, Austin – who earlier in the year, according to ABC News, would be guided by the hands of caring teammates when entering the action – was finally ready to experience a life-changing moment.

In the final minutes of play, Austin's team stood around the basket with a singular purpose in mind: Help Weaver get off as many shots as possible.

And aided by Grayson Ford (wearing #50), Austin needed only two shots at the basket to realize the ultimate dream of putting the ball through the hoop.

Check out Austin's awe-inspiring basket here

Of equal importance, take a long look at his giddy reaction to scoring the first basket of his career. 

In fact, the more you rewind this clip ... somehow, some way, Austin seems even more deliriously happy with each successive viewing.

There's been talks that Austin's mother, Christina Weaver, could make an appearance on NBC's Today show sometime this week. If she does, we will be sure to let you know!

Over the weekend, she posted these touching words to her Facebook account:

"Austin made a huge basket tonight! We're so blessed to have so many people support him. A huge thanks to his teammates for always helping him."