Freddie Freeman made his first rehab start for the Gwinnett Braves on Saturday. It was also his first start at third base in nearly a decade.

Freeman said before the game that he wasn't nervous about the start at third, but was feeling some anxiety after playing at first became "second nature" to him over the years.

"Learning a new position, well 10 years has gone by since I’ve played it. So kind of doing it in the middle of the season can give you a little uneasy feeling in your stomach going out there," Freeman said.

When the first ground ball went Freeman's way at third base, he handled it nicely and threw it over to first perfectly. Freeman put his glove up in the air and tipped his cap to the Charlotte Knights fans.

Freeman is expected to take three at bats during the game.

Freeman will be with the G-Braves, the Atlanta Braves Triple-A affiliate, through the road series. He will play at Coolray Field July 4-5. Depending on how he feels after a few rehab starts will determine when he will return to the majors.

Freeman had been on the disabled list since May when he was hit by a pitch that fractured his left wrist. He was in a cast, and was expected to be out about 10 weeks. But he healed quickly, coming back much sooner.

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