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Six months after their wedding she was found shot inside a closet with their baby crying in the background

What really happened in the Jessica Boynton shooting?

GRIFFIN, Ga. — In April 2016, the wife of a Griffin, Georgia, police officer is found inside a locked closet. Two shots have been fired from her husband’s service weapon. She's the victim of an apparent gunshot wound. But what really happened inside that closet and in the hours and minutes before shots rang out?  

It’s April 15, 2016. Weeks of fighting, slamming doors, talking about divorce and the plan to reach out to lawyers are all a blur as Griffin Police Officer Matthew Boynton crouches outside his apartment waiting for backup. It’s after midnight and while he is outside on the landing, he knows his 19-year-old wife and two young sons are inside and he knows that moments earlier, he just heard what sounded like gunshots – two coming from inside. 

When his fellow officers arrive, they tell him to stay outside. As they check the home, they hear a baby crying and find a locked closet door in the master bedroom.  

The officer’s wife, Jessica Boynton, is in that closet. Her body is on the floor, just behind the door. Her shoulder-length, blonde hair is saturated in red. Her head wound has soaked into the green and white pillow her head is resting on—her blood is contained to that one stain and a few nearby drops.

Police would later determine that two shots were fired, one goes through the closet wall into the baby’s room, the other goes through ceiling. 

Two Pike County Sheriff’s deputies drive to Jessica’s grandparents’ home in Zebulon, Georgia and speak to her grandparents. They tell the elderly couple that she committed suicide. They are shocked that the girl who would never pick up a gun would kill herself using one.

But things are not always as them seem. The moments that led up to two deputies delivering that news will shine a light into the shadows of a torn marriage, planting seeds of doubt about what really happened to Jessica Boynton.

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