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Georgia lawmaker wants to outlaw plastic grocery bags statewide

'We need legislation because the plastic is poisoning our system.'

ATLANTA — The push to outlaw plastic grocery bags now has some supporters in the Georgia legislature who want to ban them statewide.

Many supermarket chains are getting rid of single-use plastic voluntarily already. Only a few states outlaw plastic grocery bags. Some state lawmakers want to add Georgia to the list.

“We need legislation because the plastic is poisoning our system. It’s hurting us," said Sen. Donzella James (D - Fulton County). 

Despite how popular they are, James is pushing to outlaw them. She said recycling isn't working. 

"Those that are recycled are often crushed up and torn up, and these particles get in the air, and they get in our bodies," she explained. 

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Kroger is among the retailers voluntarily phasing out plastic bags. James said the state needs to require everyone to do the same.

The idea is fine with Pia Wurth who is trying to use reusable grocery bags more often. 

“My problem is remembering the put them back in the car for when I go to the grocery store," Wurth said. 

James started more than 20 years ago trying to outlaw plastic.

“We need to do it now," she said.

Read more about Senate Bill 280 on the Georgia General Assembly's website.

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