ATLANTA – Drivers are getting better at responding to some of the new pedestrian signals in the metro area, but there are still moments of confusion.

11Alive’s Commuter Dude has video evidence of the times drivers fail to stop when a Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon shows red. Now, it seems, many drivers who stop don’t understand when they’re supposed to go again.

The Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon is a signal with two red lights on top and a single yellow light below. When a pedestrian hits a button, the light flashes yellow to warn drivers they should prepare to stop.

When the lights turn red, drivers should stop to allow pedestrians to safely cross the street. Most drivers do stop, although Commuter Dude Jerry Carnes still sees drivers who refuse to stop.

When the lights begin to flash red, that’s when drivers seem to be confused.

“When you're approaching you still have to stop,” says Sally Flocks of the pedestrian advocacy group PEDS. “If nobody is in the crosswalk anymore, you can go.”

Flashing red means drivers can proceed if, and only if, pedestrians have cleared the crosswalk.

Commuter Dude watched as drivers stopped for the red at a beacon on Ponce de Leon Avenue, and remained then even when it was legal to proceed.

So, one more time.

Flashing yellow, prepare to stop.

Solid red, stop.

Flashing red, stop long enough to watch for pedestrians, and if the crosswalk is clear, you may proceed.