If you’re married, dating, cohabitating or otherwise paired off with a significant other — it’s crunch time.

In case all those heart-shaped balloons and chintzy boxes of chocolates prominently displayed at the supermarket haven’t given you the hint, Valentine’s Day is breathing suggestively down your neck.

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But don’t worry — we at Cars.com have some displays of automotive affection to recommend that won’t require much planning or prep time.

Here are some sweet things you can do for your boo:

1. It’s February, and in much of the country that means winter weather. Wake up early, clear the snow and ice off their car, crank the heat and move it to a parking spot near the door so your sweetheart can step out of the house and right into a nice, warm ride.

2. Have a steaming cup of hot cocoa waiting in the cupholder, and maybe stash some chocolates in the console or glove box for a sweet discovery. (Better skip this one if you live in a warm year-round climate.)

3. Buy a car vase online that affixes to the dash, and place a rose or your valentine’s favorite flower in it.

4. Fill up their tank with gas. Trust us: A full tank equals a full heart no matter who you are (plus, last time we checked, gas was still pretty cheap).

5. Take their car for a good professional wash and interior detailing — or if it’s warm enough out, and you really wanna show you care, give it a good cleaning yourself. Nothing says, “I love you,” like blotting unidentified stains out of upholstery.

6. Make a personalized Spotify playlist of love songs for them to listen to on their commute, while thinking about you. A little Marvin Gaye never put anyone less in the mood.

7. Go for a spirited drive in a sports car. Ford recently commissioned a scientific study showing that being behind the wheel of a high-performance vehicle registered an intensity rating far exceeding such amorous activities as kissing, salsa dancing … or watching “Game of Thrones.