ATLANTA – It was a big year for the city of Atlanta, but it was Atlanta’s transportation problems that made national headlines.


Kicking off the year for Atlanta transportation was the massive fire on I-85 in March. The fire caused a portion of I-85 over Piedmont Road to collapse causing commuters across the city to reroute for six weeks.

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UPDATE | Attorneys: Witness could prove I-85 bridge collapse suspect's innocence


Then in September, a tiger escaped from a circus transport truck and shut down part of I-75 in Henry County. The 6-year-old tiger, Susie, was eventually killed after chasing a dog in a nearby neighborhood.

DETAILS | Where did the tiger shot on I-75 come from? We now know


Remember when the Georgia Dome imploded in November? That day a MARTA bus went viral for blocking The Weather Channel’s money shot of the Dome. The driver had horrible, yet hilarious, timing, that caused a stream of memes that will live forever on the internet.

RE-LIVE IT | The MARTA bus blocking Georgia Dome implosion is Internet's new meme (and parody Twitter account)


We wrap up the year with the most recent event when Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport went black. Just two weeks ago, the blackout at the airport threw air travel across the world into chaos. More than 30,000 travelers were stranded after a faulty switch sparked an underground fire.

DETAILS | Atlanta airport power outage: What we know now

So will 2018 live up to 2017’s streak of national news? For Atlanta’s sake, we hope not.