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Georgia's gas tax suspension extended, again, governor says

He also renewed the State of Emergency for Supply Chain Disruptions.

ATLANTA — Gov. Brian Kemp extended Georgia's gas tax suspension on Wednesday, he announced on social media.

"I have extended the temporary suspension of the state’s motor fuel tax to alleviate the financial burden placed on Georgians due to the federal government’s gross mishandling of inflation. I have also renewed efforts to address supply chain challenges," he wrote in a tweet.

He also renewed the State of Emergency for Supply Chain Disruptions.

Both orders will be effective through September 12. The current suspension was set to end on Aug. 13.

Since the original suspension of the gas tax, Gov. Kemp has twice extended it. 

Georgia’s gasoline price normally includes a federal tax of 18.4 cents per gallon and a state tax of 29.1 cents per gallon. A number of cities and counties also charge taxes.

According to AAA, the average gas price in Georgia is now about $3.74 per gallon, which is 45 cents below the national average of roughly $4.19.

Under state law, Kemp can suspend taxes by executive order as long as state lawmakers ratify the action the next time they meet. Kemp abated gas taxes in 2021 during a pipeline shutdown, and former Gov. Nathan Deal suspended gas taxes multiple times.

President Joe Biden tweeted on Tuesday about how gas prices are slowly dropping.

"Nineteen states now offer gas under $4," the POTUS account said. "In 15 them, gas is $3.89 or less." 

Both Republicans and Democrats have used inflation and gas prices as a political talking point, though voters who spoke to 11Alive's La'Tasha Givens in early July said they weren't very moved by the politics of gas prices.

"It's not a Republican or a Democrat thing, it's a senator thing, it's a government thing this is all of them, the way I look at it. This is both sides," one man said.

Another customer said: "It's helping a little bit and I feel like it could be a little bit better."

National gas prices have been receding rapidly in recent weeks since they peaked earlier in the summer. According to AAA, the average just a month ago was at $4.82, and a week ago it was about $4.33.

The national average of $4.19, however, is still well inflated above the $3.18 average this time a year ago.


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