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Hacks from a gas station on how to save on fuel, protect your vehicle

The national average price per gallon is $4.95.

HAPEVILLE, Ga. — President Joe Biden called on Congress Wednesday to suspend the federal gas and diesel taxes for three months, in effort to lower gas prices. Biden's plan could save the average driver 18 cents a gallon for regular gas and 24 cents for diesel, research shows.

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Meanwhile, Georgia Sen. Raphael Warnock continued his support for a bill stuck in committee, calling to suspend the federal gas tax until the start of next year.

The prices at the pump are slowly trickling down. AAA has Georgia's average price for a gallon of unleaded gas at $4.45 and is still the cheapest average in the country. Last Wednesday, that figure was at $4.49.

The national average is at $4.95, six cents cheaper than it was a week ago, data shows.

While drivers are dealing with those prices, there are a couple of ways to save on gas and protect one's vehicle.

See if the pump has this sticker

(Pictured below)

Credit: Abdul Khan

It proves the Georgia Department of Agriculture has done a thorough inspection of the pumps and tanks at that location.

The owner of a Hapeville Shell Gas station, Abdul Khan, said people want to beware of stores not inspected on a regular basis.

“Those stores you want to be careful, especially when there's a delivery truck there and you are pumping gas, because a delivery truck can stir the sediments in the tank, which can cause your fuel filter to clog up and you can have a lot of issues with your vehicle," Khan said.

Issues with your vehicle means you’ll have to pay more for fuel

That’s why Khan also recommends keeping tires pumped and changing one's oil on a regular basis.

"If you don't maintain your vehicle properly, then you're going to be burning more fuel," he said. 

Stay away from gas stations in touristy spots or on highways

Where you pump could impact how much it is going to cost you.

"If you go to gas stations near highways or touristy areas, the prices are always going to be much higher because location, location, location," he said. 

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Getting gas in the suburbs instead of midtown could mean drivers could see savings.

"Wherever the hot location is, the prices are always going to be higher as if you go to Atlanta, Atlanta prices are going to be higher than the burbs," Khan added.

If you see long lines and a busy gas station, stay there

Long lines are actually a good sign, the gas station owner explained.

“Always go to a busy location, a high volume location because they have no choice but to maintain their gas pumps and their tanks," he said. "They have to make sure all the components are properly functioning. A lot of times when you go to a store that's not busy, the fuel might be sitting there for a long time and there might be sediments in the fuel tank."

Be careful blasting that AC

Khan said blasting one's air conditioner will also use up a lot of fuel, so be cautious about the heat and being in the car.

"Try to keep it in medium setting," Khan said. "That way the compressor on your vehicle isn't overworking itself. It is extremely hot, so your car is gonna be overworking itself and burning more fuel."

Sign up for any rewards program to save more money

Now is the time to collect points -- and to use them.

“Most of the gas stations I would say do offer those incentives to the customer. So why not take advantage of that? You could sometimes save up to $1, I know here at the Shell you could save up to three cents every time you fill up," he said. 

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