It’s not very often Georgia experiences snowfall so, of course, it’s been out of the ordinary we’ve garnered multiple inches over the last month.

Since Georgians aren’t used to the snowy weather, local law enforcement has to put out reminders to its constituents.

Thankfully they have a sense of humor.

For example, Gainesville police set up an easy-to0-understand diagram of what will happen if you venture onto the roads on Wednesday.

Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office wanted to remind people that just because the sun has come out, things are pretty much the same.

Paulding County Sheriff took a nicer approach by reminding people about the icy conditions while also telling them to enjoy the snow.

Douglas County Sheriff’s Office took the time to show off their tank.

But the real winner of social media is Oconee County Sheriff’s Office who has been posting on their Facebook non-stop since Tuesday night reminding everyone to stay off the roads.