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GSP: Possible road rage led to pile-up on I-20 during holiday rush

ATLANTA — A pile-up blocked all lanes on a major interstate in the midst of rush hour traffic on a holiday weekend. The crash happened around 5:30.

The crash is on I-20 E at SR 280 / Holmes Dr. and there are several injuries reported. Atlanta Public Schools' Spring Break began today and the Atlanta Fire Department said they are having a hard time getting crews to the scene because of the holiday traffic.

The Georgia State Patrol also responded to the scene.

Officials initially thought the crash involved 10 vehicles, but later dropped that number down to five.

According to preliminary investigation by the GSP, the situation may have started as a road rage incident between two vehicles. GSP said the driver of one vehicle weaved in-and-out of traffic, eventually stopping abruptly in front of the vehicle with which the driver was having the issue with.

GSP said this caused a chain-reaction crash involving five vehicles.

While the crash was cleared and lanes were reopened around 8 p.m., GSP said the investigation is ongoing.

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