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Money, chicken guts, cows: Odd spills along metro Atlanta interstates

You'd be surprised how many things have spilled onto the highways.

ATLANTA — Everyone who lives in metro Atlanta knows how bad traffic can be on any given road at random times throughout the day. But sometimes, oddly enough, cars aren't the only things taking over the highways.

On Tuesday night, you would have thought it was a scene from a movie -- money was scatted along the interstate in Dunwoody. But there were no lights and no cameras - it was real. 

Drivers traveling down I-285 saw cash covering the road. An armored vehicle spilled between $100,000 and $175,000 out onto the highway, Dunwoody Police confirmed Wednesday morning.

Videos went viral on social media showing vehicles stopped and people on the side of the road under trees grabbing up cash off the ground.

It might sound unlikely, but over the years, there has been plenty of spills on metro Atlanta roads. Here's a few that 11Alive was able to dig up.

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Yes, that's right - chicken guts. In fact, chicken has covered metro Atlanta roadways more than once.

In May, a tractor-trailer spilled a large load along Highway 369 near Yellow Creek in Cherokee County. The aftermath will likely leave motorists with a smell they will never forget. 

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It's happened at least twice on I-75 in the last three years. 

In August 2016, Georgia Department of Transportation crews were left with up to 55,000 pounds of chicken parts to clean up after a tractor-trailer wreck during the afternoon rush hour. The truck crashed at I-75 southbound and I-285 westbound near Windy Hill Road.

And in July 2017,  all northbound lanes of Interstate 75 were blocked in Henry County after a tractor-trailer spilled chicken guts. 11Alive SkyTracker captured video of crews cleaning the chicken parts off of the road.


In September of 2017, a tiger on the loose was spotted in Henry County on I-75 at the Jodeco Road ramp. Authorities said they shot and killed the tiger after it began to attack a dog in the backyard of a home.

911 CALLS: 'There's a tiger in the front yard'

Officials said a company was contracted to transport the animal, whose name was Suzy, from Sarasota, Florida to Tennessee where she was to be flown to Germany for a European circus. 


When a livestock tractor-trailer flipped on I-285 in October 2018, hundreds of drivers were stuck in bumper to bumper traffic. Officials said the trailer was carrying 89 head of cattle. Many of the cows escaped from the trailer and were responsible for numerous other wrecks on the interstate. 

Earlier that same year more cows were loose on I-75. Several of them died in the crash, authorities said.

Police said the driver was headed south on the interstate just north of Wade Green Road when he failed to stay in his lane and exited the right side of the road.  When he attempted to move back onto the roadway, the 2001 Peterbilt truck hit a barrier which caused it and the connected trailer to overturn across the highway.

Several cattle were killed in the collision. The driver was cited in the cash.


And parts of Calhoun, Georgia felt like a rodeo last month when a runaway horse took over the roadway. The Georgia State Patrol told 11Alive the trailer was traveling south on the interstate when the horse somehow escaped. 

The owners tried to catch it, but the horse kept trotting away into the northbound lanes. Unsurprisingly, it caused backups on both sides of the interstate. GSP helped the owner corral the horse back into its trailer so they could be on their way.


In the middle of the holiday season, packages spilled onto I-75 at Barrett Parkway. It happened at the end of November last year.

According to the Georgia State Patrol, a FedEx truck and a U.S. Express truck were involved in the accident. 

Crews had to shut down a lane as the worked to clean up a mess.


Georgia roads have had their fair share of hazmat situations. One was captured on camera. Surveillance video shows the dramatic collision between a tractor-trailer and a passenger car that resulted in a major chemical spill on the Atlanta Downtown Connector.

In April 2017, authorities said the 18-wheeler struck the car and overturned, spilling gallons of hazardous material onto the interstate. 

In that same month, an overturned tanker spilled chemicals on I-75 South near I-675 in Henry County.

The fire department said 250 gallons of acetone was spilled on the road. No one was injured.


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