ATLANTA -- Engine trouble is being blamed for a flight's return to Atlanta on Tuesday morning.

A Delta spokesperson said that a flight bound for Pittsburg turned around and came back to Atlanta for a safe landing. Passengers left the flight and were booked on an alternative flight.

It's not clear exactly what kind of engine trouble led to the MD-88 aircraft's return, however one passenger said on social media that the engine "blew" shortly after takeoff. That person also applauded the airline for how they handled the sudden emergency and their professionalism.

Delta plane from Atlanta to London diverted after engine fire

A spokesperson for the airline said that Delta apologized to customers for the inconvenience.

The incident comes after various reports of flight trouble across multiple airlines. One of those in-flight emergencies involved an engine exploding on a Southwest Airlines flight, knocking a hole in the plane and killing one passenger.

Closer to home, a Delta flight headed to London had to return to Atlanta on April 18 when the engine caught fire. Fire crews met the aircraft on the ground and extinguished the engine.

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