ATLANTA — Departure delays at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport are stretching as long as 45 minutes as the Federal Aviation Administration institutes time management initiatives.

A notification on the FAA website says general departure gate hold and taxi delays are currently at 31-45 minutes.

The delays are related to current overcapacity at the airport and the specific requirements between when they can take off.

The FAA lists the delays as being due to "TM Initiatives:MIT:VOL," codes for time management initiatives necessary because of volume and what's known as  miles-in-trail requirements.

According to an FAA manual, miles-in-trail are: "The number of miles required between aircraft that meet a specific criteria. The criteria may be separation, airport, fix, altitude, sector, or route specific. MIT are used to apportion traffic into manageable flows, as well as, provide space for additional traffic (merging or departing) to enter the flow of traffic."

The delays do not have anything to do with additional screening at the Atlanta airport currently being instituted to monitor for the Wuhan coronavirus,


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