ATLANTA – Thousands of people were stranded at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport on Sunday following a power outage. This also means thousands of pieces of luggage were stranded too.

This leaves many travelers wondering: What’s going to happen to my checked bags?

If you ended up leaving the airport for other means of travel or even if Atlanta was your final destination, we have what airlines say will happen to your luggage.

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American Airlines: Everyone who flew on American Airlines on Sunday received their luggage. A spokesman for American said the three flights that were impacted by the outage were able to get all checked bags to their respective owners.

Delta: Customers with checked luggage ending their travel in Atlanta can file a claim with a Baggage Service agent in the Atlanta airport or via Delta's website. Bags will be delivered to the address provided in the claim. Due to congestion, customers are encouraged not to pick up their bags at the Atlanta Airport on Monday.

Frontier: A Frontier spokesman said agents will be calling passengers to give them an option to pick up their luggage at the airport or having their bags shipped to them. He said if your luggage is at the airport and you want to grab it, travelers are able to drop by and pick them up without waiting for a phone call. If you have any additional question, you can contact the Frontier Baggage Team at 303-542-1490.

Southwest: Customers whose final destination was Atlanta and have arrived are able to visit the Southwest Baggage Service Office near baggage claim to retrieve their luggage. A Southwest spokesperson said all baggage that was scheduled to transfer from Atlanta to another airport will be sent to their final destination. The receiving Southwest station will contact the traveler once their luggage arrives. If you have any additional questions, you are asked to call 1-800-I-FLY-SWA.

11Alive has reached out to JetBlue, Spirit, and United Airlines but have not received a response.

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