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Atlanta airport shows behind the scenes of 'plane train'

The airport showed how they are able to move over 250,000 passengers daily.

ATLANTA — Editors note: The video above is about the airport's recent announcement to expand the train.

The world's busiest airport showed passengers a behind-the-scenes look at their famous plane train. 

Their Instagram account, @atlairport, posted a short video showing how they can move over 250,000 passengers daily.

The video shows their internal train station where mechanics can change tires and check brakes. The airport said they even have a full repair shop available to their team, with a vending machine for various parts.

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Aside from mechanics, the video toured the control room where the train is monitored. Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport has a testing area to ensure trains are working properly.

Workers seem to ride on golf carts around the facilities looking at the footage. 

Atlanta's airport is planning to expand its train. Now, 60 feet below the airport, construction crews are working on an 833-foot extension of the tunnel. After construction, the airport said they'll be able to carry 2,000 more passengers per direction, per hour.


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