ATLANTA – Passengers flying out of Atlanta need to be prepared to wait in long security lines at the airport.

In the middle of hundreds of delays and cancellations, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is working through only one domestic security checkpoint.

The website states only the Domestic Main Checkpoint is open on Wednesday following the snow storm that hit the city. Reports state passengers could wait over an hour and half to make it through security.

One of the reasons for the slow-moving lines is because TSA is understaffed for the day.

” Due to dangerous road conditions, traffic and public transportation delays and school closures, a number of employees were not able to come to work or arrived when they were able to do so safely, as was the case for most Atlanta residents today,” TSA spokesperson said.

TSA stated that some agents who were off, did volunteer to come in, including canine teams and administrative staff who assisted with non-screening functions.

Both Domestic North and South checkpoints were closed as TSA said the decision was made to consolidate operations at the main checkpoint to more efficiently screen passengers with available resources.

While wait times at the main gate continue to grow over an hour long, the airport’s website stated the International Checkpoint’s wait was less than 15 minutes.

The airport tweeted travelers should get to the airport at least two hours before their flight is expected to leave. TSA and the airport stated you should factor in traffic, parking, and checking your bags.