The chill is in the air, the ads are on TV, and the airport is about to get crazy. Welcome to the holidays.

Hartsfield-Jackson Airport is trending to have its busiest year ever, but first, more than 3 million passengers have to make their way through the holiday.

Last May, TSA checkpoint issues led to lines snaking through the airport and security lines actually began back in the airport's atrium and beyond. Changes have been made in the months since, with the goal for Thanksgiving to keep those lines as far away from the atrium as possible.

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First, TSA knows long lines on their watch is the top passenger complaint.

All security checkpoints will open earlier than usual during the holiday week, with more people working.

"We are going to do some overtime over the weekend to make sure we have the resource there to make sure everyone gets through quickly," said a TSA spokesperson.

Airport checkpoint wait times

The TSA will have to handle bigger numbers this year than in the past. This Friday, they expect about 85,000 passengers. On the Saturday after Thanksgiving, they're expecting about 87,000, and the Sunday after, about 97,000.

The second thing to know -- the holiday bustle starts earlier than ever. It usually kicks off the day before Thanksgiving.

"We are expecting some of the heaviest days to begin as early as this Friday, so that is one of the biggest differences," the spokesperson said.

So instead of five hectic days of travel, the craziness could be stretched over ten days.

The third thing to know before you fly -- action in the construction zones outside the terminals will be quiet. But you might only be trading one roadblock for another.

"While we are going to be halting most of that construction, there will be so many people that we expect there to be some delays so we advise people to just get here early," the spokesperson said.

TSA is encouraging anyone traveling this Friday through the Sunday after Thanksgiving to be inside the airport two hours before takeoff.