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30% chance of tropical development off the Florida coast

Regardless of development, it will help enhance tropical downpours over Florida and Georgia

ATLANTA — We've been monitoring thunderstorms off the Georgia and Florida coastline for the last couple of days. The National Hurricane Center is now giving this broad area of low pressure a 30% chance of development into a tropical depression.

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Thunderstorm activity associated with low is disorganized and weak. The low pressure system looks unimpressive on satellite imagery with few thunderstorms and not deep convection.

Credit: wxia
Only a 30% chance of development

NHC still gives it a 30% chance of development, but it's running out of time and really looks unimpressive. Tropical downpours will be likely regardless of it being called a tropical depression or just a tropical low.

Spaghetti models bring the center of the low onshore along northeast Florida or Georgia between The Space Coast and Savannah. Some models bring it inland and then into the Gulf, others carry it to Georgia. And other models beyond that say it will get steered up the coastline to the Carolinas.

Credit: wxia

Regardless of path, no models show this significantly intensifying. The greatest threat will be downpours that could lead to flooding in Florida near the center along with rough surf.

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